As an insecure, body conscious 15 year old, I signed up for my high school’s weightlifting class. As the only girl amongst a bunch of athletes, I was intimidated. But the coach instantly made me feel at home and encouraged me to stick it out. That coach and that class taught me SO much about who I am and what I am capable of. It laid the foundation for the work I do now with clients: helping women and girls build strength and confidence.
As a certified personal trainer and studio owner, I take a holistic approach to personal training that cuts out the diet dialogue and weight loss focus. Helping clients let go of the need to live up to some arbitrary societal standard is the driving force behind what I do: helping clients find movement that fits their body and their life.
I also work as part of a treatment team, partnering with dietitians, therapists, and physicians to create movement plans to assist clients in recovery from diagnosed eating disorders. My number one goal is to help these clients discover movement that is balanced and supports recovery. Helping clients develop new relationships with movement, and redefining the definition of fitness and health is paramount in my role as a member of the treatment team.

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BA, BSc University of Toronto 1995

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Youth Exercise Specialist 
NASM Women's Exercise Specialist 
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professional
Sponsored Trainer, SuperFit Hero
Yoga for All
ACE FitPro

Creator of the "Weight Neutral Approaches to Personal Training Course,"  designed for college Campus Recreation departments as well as stand alone fitness centers. The course is designed to teach personal trainers about the dangers of dieting and how to train clients from a weight neutral framework. Coursework includes lessons on creating an inclusive training environment that decreases barriers to fitness, and how to recognize and refer clients with potential eating disorders to higher level of care.



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