On Body Positivity

The body positive movement, while well intentioned, and certainly a HUGE step in the right direction, can sometimes also make us feel a little unworthy. In a quest to feel good about our bodies just as they are--to NOT seek perfection--we can feel pressure to be PERFECTLY accepting of ourselves.

The trouble is, we are never really going to get it all right, all the time. Sometimes we are going to be completely accepting of our bodies, maybe even loving them as they are, but we will also have days where that self-assuredness is challenged.

In leading GetSet Girls, and in my work with women, I am charged with delivering the right message. I want them to accept themselves as they are, while also recognizing that they might not always feel that way. That seeking to be perfect at loving all of their imperfections will only threaten their self esteem further.

When I think about what it means to be body positive, I think maybe it has more to do with accepting our mindset than it does our bodies. Maybe it has more to do with the idea that some days we're better equipped to accept ourselves than others. If we can begin to accept our thoughts, as they come, without judging them, I think we also begin to accept ourselves. Let's let go of the need to be perfect at anything, and get down to the business of enjoying who we are, and where we are, right in this moment.



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